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Fragrant Gong  is a Buddhist Qi Gong style for improving health and bringing blessings into ones life. This style of Qi Gong is over 2000 years old and was handed down to Master Tian Rui Sheug by Buddhist monk Shi Wu Kong. Master Tian was ill as a child and was approached by Master Shi who helped him to get well and then taught him this form of Buddhist Qi Gong. He practised in private for 50 years and then brought this form of Xiang Gong (fragrant Gong) to the wider Chinese public. At one time there were more than 100 million Xiang Gong practitioners throughout China.

Practice diligently to receive the blessings & health benefits.

 In China the qigong practise may be for .5 hr and the meditation for up to 2 hrs.

Qi Gong Master & head instructor at the Renascent College of Intuitive Sciences. Daryll has studied many styles of Qi Gong including Martial, Medical and Meditation forms although concentrates on teaching the correct building of Qi for health and spiritual development. His various tutors include Professor Du Luo Yi (President of the World Association of Medical Qi Gong), Master Luo (Former head Qi Gong Master at White Pagoda Temple in Beijing), Professor Wang Yong-Qiang (24th Grandmaster of Ermei Qi Gong), Master Xu (Xiyuan Hospital Beijing). Daryll has trained diligently & extensively to attain the high level and proficiency in Qi Gong which includes the ability to 'see inside' or tell the condition of various organs, glands, bones etc. at a glance. His Mastership includes the ability to influence Feng Shui at the fundamental level with Qi. Something that is not accomplished by moving objects or placing a few remedies around.

The Renascent Centre in Warrandyte, Victoria is alive with the Qi from personal cultivation, classes and clinic and has the deep fundamental Qi of correct Feng Shui. It is a place for all to come and experience while enjoying a chat or cup of Qi Gong infused tea.  (C) Copyright Renascent 2008.

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