Ultra Polka

Ultra Polka
150 BPM
Synths, Percussion

I tried to do an EDM piece using one of my new accordions... turns out, accordion just doesn't have the fast attack needed to do fast electronic things. The melody and chords were written for a diatonic button box, but I was never able to get the live recording to work. No worries! I just turned this monster up to 11. The uncompressed download comes with a faster and slower version.

It includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you can make your own mixes.

Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.pdf
Ultra Polka - 120BPM.wav
Ultra Polka - 170BPM.wav
Ultra Polka - Acid Bass.wav
Ultra Polka - Alt Synth.wav
Ultra Polka - Backbeat.wav
Ultra Polka - Buzz Bass.wav
Ultra Polka - Lead Synth.wav
Ultra Polka - Motion Synth.wav
Ultra Polka - Percussion.wav
Ultra Polka.wav
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