461 : Driving and parking troubles - Starring Miss Amy

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Added on May 22, 2019

Miss Amy is ready to go to a business meeting and she takes the old Pedal Vamp Fiat Panda because her car is at the mechanic.

She wears a beautiful pink dress and beautiful silver sandals.

Miss Amy is on the road to this meeting and, as always, she has some difficulties in managing this old scrappy car ... she even hooks a car when she is parking! The meeting is over, and Amy is ready to go home.  But the Fiat Panda does not start, she thinks a battery trouble. Miss Amy insists and finally the car restarts and she's able to drive home.
Once she's arrived, again ... she has many troubles in parking the Fiat Panda ... the car keeps on stalling but Amy doesn't care ... she's sure she will win the fight!