VIDEO - High heels and floor length hair


WOW! In our opinion, this is our best long hair play video with Alena so far.
It is almost impossible to describe this video and how great it is with words, since it has so much special and extreme hair play for the ultimate long hair enthusiast and lover, but we will try to describe it as good as we can in this description. However, the only way to really see how amazing this video is, is to get it now!

A good long hair model knows what the viewers like to see, and then she does that.
A fantastic, great long hair model, which really stands out does not only knows what hey viewer likes, and then does that. She also comes with new types of hair play and ideas that the viewer has never thought about, and then she does that, surprising the viewer, making it the best long hair experience she/he has ever had. That´s how Alena has become, through all the long hair modeling with us, she has gained a lot of knowledge, information, creativity and skills, and she is one of the best long hair models in the world.

As you probably know, RealRapunzels is the biggest and best long hair modeling company in the world. We are world´s #1!
We don´t want to brag about this, we say this in a very humble way, and we would never have achieved this wihtout you, our amazing customers, our fantastic models, and all our supporters and followers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
You guys are great and we love you!
You as a customer means a lot to us, and as you watch this video, keep in mind that it is you as a customer, that makes this become possible, through buying our videos, supporting us and liking/loving our pictures, posts and videos on social media!

High heels has always and will always be very elegant and beautiful on a lady, and that is one of the two reasons for that Alena is using high heels in this video.
So now you might be thinking, "What´s the other reason"?

Well, she has ultimate floor length hair, with perfected quality, but is she satisfied with her length? No.
She has told us that hair health is super important for us, and we absolutely agree on that. Length is suepr important, but so is health, and maintaining healthy hair that is longer than floor length is super hard and very few can do it.
Aliia is a good example of great hair health while the hair is much longer than floor length.
Alena´s goal is to grow her hair much longer than floor length, much longer than what it is now, as long as the ends are one length and healthy.
You can really see how important this is for her by looking at the ends of her hair. Her hair is super thick and healthy all the way down to the ends!
So, the reason for that she is using high heels, is that if she didn´t use high heels, her hair would easily be pooling on the floor constantly, making it impossible to do the amazing hair play she is doing in this video.
She would then literally trip over it and also even falling, which we don´t want to happen to any of our models.

In our opinion, this is also the best hair play we have ever seen by any model.
Our models are fantastic, and we do not want to say that any model is better than any other model, we are just saying that this hair play is something really special!

This video has a lot of extreme long hair play and swinging/swaying as well as shaking. The hair movement in this video is insane!

If we should have described this video as short as possible, it would be "Alena is bathing in her hair, and there is so much hair that we are afraid that she is going to drown in it".
Alena can very, very easily cover one, or even two people completely with her hair, as it is a little longer than floor length, and super, super thick and massive.
When a girl or woman has very long hair, many people say "Wow, that´s a woman with long hair"!
This is a little different, and to try to describe how much hair she has, it would be like this; "Wow, that´s a lot of hair, with woman"!

We also want to add that Alena is an AMAZING person, she is super open minded, kind, beautiful both inside and out, and she has deserved all the ultimate success she will achieve in life.
We are so happy to work with her, of course because she has hair that is almost impossible to achieve, but mostly because she is a fantastic person with human values at a level that goes through the roof!

As mentioned earlier, you have to see this video, to understand why it is hard for us to describe it, but in this video you will see extreme long hair play and display, swinging and swaying, rotating with long hair, covering herself with her hair, stroking long hair over her face, "bathing in hair", swinging long hair slowly from side to side, letting it "sweep the floor", hair tossing and lifting, hiding in her own hair, and so much more!

This is a video that everyone must have, you will never regret that you got this video!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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