Still Fork Truck R70-16, R70-18, R70-20 Compact: R7052-R7058, R7074-R7079 Workshop Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual for Still Fork Truck R70-16, R70-18, R70-20 Compact.

Original factory manuals for Still Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

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Format: PDF, 305 Pages
Language: English


02. Steer Axle
    Technical Data for
    Maintenance Service
    Mechanical configuration of Steer axle
    Steer axle removal
    Steer axle installation
    Wheel hub -Removal and
    Wheel hub- Reassembling and
    Wheel angle stop adjustment
    Checking the steering angles
    Stub axle -Removal and
    Stub axle - Reassembling and
    Lubricating the steer axle with
    Installation grease
    Track rod removal
    Track rod installation
    Steer cylinder removal
    Steer cylinder installation
03. Power Axle
    Wheel hub installation
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Power Axle / Description
    Power Axle removal
    Power Axle installation
    Double reduction gear and differential /
    Sectional view
    Exploded view
    Axle housing installation
    Half-shaft (axle shaft) removal
    Half-shaft (axle shaft) installation
    Wheel hub removal
04. Wheels and tyres
06. Steering
    Technical Data for Maintenance
    Adjusting the steering column
    Steering control unit
    Steering control unit removal
    Steering control unit installation
    Repairing the steering control unit
    Priority valve - Dismantling
    Priority valve - Reassembly
    Steer cylinder disassembly
    Steer cylinder reassembly
07. Brake system
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Initial adjustment
    Parking brake adjustment
    Master cylinder
08. Electrical installation
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Electrical installation
    Mechanical configuration
    General description
    Testing the insulation
    Dash panel
    Key switch
    Travel sender (single pedal control)
    Travel sender switch (single pedal control)
    Twin pedal control
    Warning horn
    Brake sender
    Parking brake microswitch
    Brake fluid level switch
    Senders (transmitters) for hyd. functions
    Speed sensor
    Servomotor, injection pump
    Fuel cut-off solenoid valve
    Coolant temperature sensor
    Coolant temperature switch
    Air filter switch
    Current sensor
    Electric fan for cooling the engine/Spal-/EBM-fan
    Throttle positioning solenoid
    Fuse holder board
    Control circuit fuses
    Main circuit fuses
    Starter relay
    Preheating relay
    Relay, solenoid fuel cut-off valve
    Controller consisting of:
    — Traction control circuit
    — Charge compensating circuit
    — Power board for traction control
    — Power board for controlling electric fan 9M5
    Replacing the Controller
    Replacing the Console
09. Lighting & instruments
    Configuration of lighting equipment
    Equipment level A: Controller, distributing circuit board
    Equipment level B: Controller, relay box, distributing circuit board
    Equipment level C: Controller, 2 x relay box
    Relay box
    Distributing circuit board
    Parameterization of the additional electrical equipment via the console
10. Hydraulic system
    Operation of Lift & Tilt hydraulics
    Mechanical configuration/
    Fittings instructions
    Hydraulic schematic
    Connection block/
    Functional description
    Hoist/lower functions
    Tilting/Hydraulic Ancillary Equipment
    Fitting restrictors - tilt valve block/
    Block seals
    Shuttle valves
    Transducer - Operation - Replacement
    Mechanical configuration/
    Checking for contamination
    Operation/Removal & Installation
    Hydraulic oil change/Filling capacity/
    Operation and Maintenance
    Tube fittings with Captive Seals
11. Electric motor / generator
    Drive motor ( R7052/56, R7054/58)
    Drive motor, construction
    Wiring diagram
    Drive motor removal
    Drive motor installation
    Drive motor - Dismantling
    Drive motor reassembly
    Inspecting and changing the motor brushes
    Drive motor (AD20 axle)
    Drive motor type
    Circuit diagram
    Position of motor terminals
    Removing the drive motor
    Fitting the drive motor
    Removing the armature
    Fitting the armature
    Checking and replacing carbon brushes
    Speed sensor bearing
    Drive motor (exploded drawing)
    Drive motor (sectional view)
    Generator, construction
    Wiring diagram
    Generator removal
    Generator installation
    Inspecting and changing the carbon brushes
    Generator - Dismantling
    Generator reassembly
    Thermal monitoring
    Brush wear monitoring facility
    Forced ventilation
    Testing the insulation
    General hints
13. Hydraulic auxiliary functions
    Technical Data for Maintenance Service
    Pressure Regulator Unit I and II -Operation
    Pressure Regulator Unit -Relief valve
    - Pressure indication
    Control valve block
    -Fitting restrictors
    Pressure limitation for clamps with integral sideshift feature
15. IC engine
    Technical data, LP gas engine
    Engine features, engine number
    Functional description
    Before starting engine
    Starting engine
    Cold start
    Shutting off engine
    Note on removing and installing engine
    Special tools
    Removing, installing tensioning toothed belt
    Adjusting tension of V-beltfor alternator
    Adjusting tension of V-belt for coolant pump
    Replacing crankshaft seal at pulley end
    Removing and installing cylinder head
    Checking compression
    Repairing valve gear
    Replacing camshaft seal
    Removing and installing camshaft
    Checking hydraulic bucket tappets
    Oil additives
    Changing oil
    Renewing the oil filter
    Adding oil
    Ignition distributor and lubrication system
    Removing and installing parts of cooling system
    Parts of cooling system, engine side
    Coolant temperature sensor 6B12
    Coolant hose connection diagram
    Draining and filling coolant
    Safety measures for ignition system
    Disassembling transistorised ignition system
    Checking and adjusting ignition timing
    Checking transistorised ignition (TSZ-H) switch unit
    Checking Hall sender
    Checking speed limiter
    Checking limiting speed
    Checking plug connectors, ignition lead and ignition coil
    Replacing air filter element
    Functional description
    General information
    Cleanliness rules
20-25 Mast, Cylinders, Fork carriage, Tilt cylinders
    Functional Group 20
        Technical Data for Maintenance Service
        Mast types / Removal of mast
        Telescopic mast
        Hi-Lo mast
        Triple mast
        Lift chain adjustment /Carriage stops
        Support rollers
        Hoist cylinders 7052/54/56/58
        Lowering valve
        Line failure safety device
        Hoist cylinders 7074 - 79
        DemontageAussenzylinder (Hi-Lo, Triplemast)
        Demontage Zylinder Telehubgerust
        Mittelzylinder Niho / Dreifach
    Functional Group 22
        Fork carriage removal
        Changing the guide roller shafts
    Functional Group 25
    Tilt cylinder Removal
    Tilt cylinder assambling
    Mast tilt angle
System diagnosis
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