SOC313-Week 10 Discussion

If I were to hear or see about a protest or social movement on the Internet, I think it is very likely I could become an activist. It is more than apparent to me that the Internet influences my every day life. I am on my computer multiple times a day and receive virtually all of my news from the Internet. Although television is still a very useful and prevalent source, I rarely find myself watching news or anything related to social movements. In terms of its influence on becoming an activist, I have already read about multiple movements previously and felt a strong sense of empowerment and need to participate. Although at this point in time I have yet to actually follow one of these movements and become a true activist, I feel I have come extremely close. While I do believe that I could be influenced enough to become an activist through a social media website or similar outlet, I agree with Malcolm Gladwell that these social outlets are not a valid explanation for a social movement/revolution. In his
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