Bee's Green Perm Rod Set at Carmen's Salon

Bee visits Carmen's Creative Styling in Columbia Heights, Minnesota for a trim and a set. Looking brilliant in a pencil skirt and elegant purple blouse, a cape of a similar color is draped around Bee. A towel is wrapped around her neck under the cape, and Bee is led to the shampoo bowl. After the shampoo, Bee sits down for a little trim. Once her hair is even, Carmen parts Bee's raven hair and wraps it up in green perm rods.

A hair net and ear protectors are placed on and Bee sits, reading magazines under the chair hair dryer for about an hour. When Bee's hair is dry, a comb out cape covers her shoulders and the perm rods are removed to reveal beautiful curls. Carmen puts Bee's hair up and to the side, for a gorgeous retro look.

Duration: approx 128 minutes, screen size 640x480, .wmv format
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