·         Prosecutorial misconduct

·         Ineffective assistance by criminal defense counsel

·         Judicial misconduct


Select and complete one of the following assignments:


Option 1: Paper

Option 2: Presentation

Option 3: News Article

Option 1: Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you summarize each example and address the following questions:


·         What did the prosecutor do wrong? How does immunity protect the prosecutor from the consequences of his or her misconduct?


·         What did the criminal defense attorney do wrong? What is the Strickland v. Washington standard? Refer to Ch. 10 of Courts and Criminal Justice in America. How do the performance prong and the prejudice prong of the Strickland standard apply to the example?


·         What did the judge do wrong? Which judicial selection option—either appointment, election, or merit—would help to reduce instances of judicial misconduct?

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