Rey's Staff

This staff has been broken down into 15 pieces all designed to slide onto a 1in x 71in wooden dowel (like from Home Depot/Lowes etc)

The parts can be painted directly off the printer and mounted to a dowel or cleaned up, sanded and post processed for a cleaner more professional look. These MAY need support material, depending on your particular printers settings/materials/capabilities.
These files are in "inches" format, meaning that if your default printer units are Millimeters or Centimeters and the parts appear tiny, please scale up by 25.4 or 2.54 respectively.
I'd recommend doing a test print on one or two pieces to make sure the scale is correct and the printer settings are dialed in.

*Files ending with "x2" need to be printed twice
**Part names are my own interpretation and by no means an official naming guide
***This listing does not include templates for the Leather straps or fabric wrap
****Files are Zipped. Please have appropriate software to unzip.
Do not resell these files or distribute them. No Molding and Casting off of these without permission. Please have common courtesy and respect independent artists.

Please PM me with any other concerns or questions. 

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