Cinderella in Nike Shox Respond

Cinderella in Nike Shox Respond
87 Photos | 1024px Resolution | Shoe Size 7.5

Sexy Cinderella dressed in leg warmers, extremely short shorts and a tight white t-shirt shows off her unbelievable body while rolling around on a couch in Nike Shox Respond running shoes. She slips her bare feet out of the shoes at the end and takes the insoles out of the shoes too.

- Super sexy outfit, sexy provocative poses
- Tiny shorts, leg warmers, tight white t-shirt
- Sweaty feet, shoe marks on bare feet
- Detailed photos of tops, toes several sole shots
- Bare feet kicking off shoes, insole shots with imprints
- Worn shoes, strong smell, sweaty insoles with dark imprints
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