LEVEL 3 - AngularJS CRUD Tutorial

Source code download in ZIP.

Detailed tutorial here: https://www.codeofaninja.com/2015/12/angularjs-crud-example-php.html

Features that you will get and learn:

  • PDO extension used

  • Google’s Angular JS enabled

  • Google’s Material Design user interface

  • Create product

  • Read product

  • Update product

  • Delete product

  • Price display with dollar sign

  • SQL file in "dev" folder

  • Front-end validation for create product

  • Front-end validation for update product

  • Category selection for create and update product.

  • Buttons with Glyphicons

  • Products pagination

  • Search products by name, description, price or category name

  • Search product list while typing keywords

  • Pagination in search

  • Export / download product records to CSV

  • Price display with dollar sign and comma

  • Multiple product delete

  • Simple product and category navigation

  • Select category in navigation

  • View products by category

  • Create category

  • Read category

  • Update category

  • Delete category

  • Pagination for category

  • Search category

  • Pagination for category search

  • Real-time update of category in drop-downs

  • Sorting by category fields

  • Pagination for sorting by fields

  • Fast and friendly support

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