Travel Commission java Program

This program will be used to calculate the sales commission for a travel agency.  An
agent can earn a commission on three types of sales (1) telephone, 2) in-store,
and 3) outside) which earn a different sales commission.  Telephone sales earn a 10% commission, in-store earns 14% and outside sales earn 18%. An agent will input their sales and the code for the type of sales.  The program will then output the amount of the commission. Use the following variables and methods.

 The getSales() method should include exception handling for String input as well as
input <=0.  Code a call to end the program if cancel is clicked.
The getCode() method prompts the user for the type of sales.  Include exception
handling for String input as well as input other than 1, 2 or 3.  Code a call to end the program if cancel is clicked.

The getComm() method returns the amount of the commission.  The output() method
outputs a message dialog box.  The finish() method exits the program.
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