BSHS 405 Week 5 Goals and Objectives Worksheet

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BSHS 405 Week 5 Goals and Objectives

Complete the Goals and Objectives Worksheet.

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the following vignette to develop a detailed treatment plan for the client.

Twelve-year-old Christina has come to the attention of
your agency because her parents have abused her physically. The case was
reported to Child Welfare, where you work, by a teacher at Christina’s school.
The teacher noticed that Christina always seemed to have bruises, and when she
asked Christina about these, Christina was reluctant to discuss them. You have met
the parents and talked at length with Christina. All three say they want the
family reunited in time. For the time being Christina is being placed with an
aunt who offered to provide foster care for Christina. Christina is a good
student, particularly in math and science. She is extremely shy and quiet and
has few friends. You are not sure whether this is because she was forbidden to
bring friends home or whether she has always been this way.

1. The broad goal is to help
Christina and Christina’s family reunite successfully
. List

three very specifi c goals
your agency will work on with Christina and her family.

Next, place the objectives
for each goal under that goal. Remember the phrase

evidenced by. . . .”
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