CIS 207 Week 4 Individual System Evaluation Paper

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CIS 207 Week 4
Individual System Evaluation Paper


Complete the
following lessons in SkillSoft? :


CompTIA A+
220-801: Networking Technologies

CompTIA A+
220-801: Networking Devices and Tools

Microsoft Windows
8 - Configuring: Optimization and Performance


Submit a
screenshot showing your completed course under your Course Progress and Tests
tab on SkillSoft?.


Write a 700- to
1,050-word paper identifying and describing how a specific system used in an
organization has transformed how the organization operates.


Discuss how the
business requirements drove the system's initial development.


Describe the type
and basic uses of the system, how the system has helped the organization, and
any likely future development plans.


Format your paper
consistent with APA guidelines.
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