German transportation Otto Bonn Solution

First assignment is: Problem Description: The German transportation Otto Bonn is expanding his trucking business into Florida, with shipping centers in Daytona Beach, Gainesville,
Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee, and Tampa. He has hired us as software consultants to create a computerized mileage chart for his truck drivers. Given any two of these cities, out program must display the approximate mileage between them. Following is the
mileage information from road atlas between Florida cities: Daytona Beach to Gainesville: 97 Daytona Beach to Jacksonville: 90 Daytona Beach to Miami: 268 Daytona Beach to Tallahassee: 262 Daytona Beach to Tampa: 130 Gainesville to Jacksonville: 74 Gainesville
to Miami: 337 Gainesville to Tallahassee: 144 Gainesville to Tampa: 128 Jacksonville to Miami: 354 Jacksonville to Tallahassee: 174 Jacksonville to Tampa: 201 Miami to Tallahassee: 475 Miami to Tampa: 269 Tallahassee to Tampa: 238 Program requirement: Must
use two-dimensional array Must have menu-driven Output looks like following: Sample Run: To determine the mileage between two cities, Please enter the numbers of 2 cites from this menu: 0 for Daytona Beach 1 for Gainesville 2 for Jacksonville 3 for Miami 4
for Tallahassee 5 for Tampa -- 2 5 The mileage between those two cities is 201 miles.
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