HIS324 week2-2

I do not agree with many vocational programs being cut from school.  Not all students are college material, and they do better at trades.  I believe that everyone should have some type of education whether it is a college degree or a certificate in a trade of their choice.  I believe that students should all have the same courses like English, Math, History, and Science and they should have a right to choose their electives whether they are vocational or not.  By their junior year they should know whether or not they want to go to college and then they can concentrate on their choice whether it’s vocational or college prep.  I never considered dropping out; I was bored with school because it was too easy for me.  Being that I was educated in a private school setting until about my junior year.  I use to cut class all the time and was able to still pass with A’s because what they were teaching I learned in 8th and 9th grade.  I wanted to take cosmetology classes to see if that was something I really wanted to do or was it teaching.  My guidance counselor would not allow me to do so.  I believe that it should have been my choice and not hers.  To this day I still want to try it out; it would have been easier then when I could have gone for free.
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