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"Mindless People" CD (1999)

The masterpiece that made a lot of new friends. Songs like "God Is In The Internet" or "I Don't Know What To Do" are still classics and the album has everything from ballads to powerful rock songs.

God Is In The Internet (5:39)
Mindless People (5:01)
Balcony Door (5:06)
For Your Love (4:17)
Easy (3:17)
I Don't Know What To Do (3:39)
You (4:56)
Spooky (4:17)
April Sun (5:17)
Mr. Wilkinson (3:46)
Nothing (6:09)
Sha-La-La (3:40)
You Two (2:51)

Mark Gillespie: vocals & acoustic guitar
Thomas Dill: guitars
Peter Herrmann: bass
Markus Leukel: drums
und einige special guests
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