Vintage Guy Digital Scrapbook Mega Kit (70)

Alphabet Pack:

The "Vintage Guy" Alphabet Pack comes with ♥ A capital blue striped Alphabet with letters A-Z, an exclamation point, and an @ ♥ A capital orange square brad alphabet A-Z ♥ A capital green star brad alphabet A-Z, ♥ 4 curled ribbons ♥ 1 denim bottle cap ♥ A chrome arrow ♥ A chrome light bulb ♥ A chrome car ♥ A chrome hand print. ♥ A blank green star brad ♥ A blank orange square brad

Element Pack:

The "Vintage Guy" Element Pack includes: ♥ "Wild" tan brad ♥ "Boys will be boys" blue brad ♥ "Rough and Tumble" orange brad ♥ Shabby vintage journaling element ♥ 4 forked ribbons ♥ Speech bubble ♥ Chevron note card ♥ Star bow ♥ Butterscotch bow ♥ Teal flat daisy ♥ Orange gem star scatter ♥ Orange pearl scatter ♥ Blue gem star scatter ♥ Green gem star scatter ♥ Multi print star scatter ♥ Orange Tag with string ♥ Cream pearl scatter ♥ Green pearl scatter ♥ Tan frame ♥ Print Frame ♥ 4 Arrows ♥ Gateway Tag ♥ Gateway tag with layered elements ♥ 2 burlap bows ♥ Dragon ♥ Midievil peasant girl holding sign ♥ Medieval peasant boy holding sign ♥ Midieval goofy monster holding sign ☺ ♥ Dragon ♥ 3 blank, round brads

Trim Elements Pack:

The "Vintage Guy" Trim Element Pack Includes: ♥ 3 Ribbon Trim Elements ♥ 3 Scalloped Ribbon Trim Elements ♥ 2 Star Trim Elements (Cream & Green) ♥ 2 Scalloped Flag Trim Elements (Star & Blue Stripe) ♥ 2 Twisted Ribbons (Blue & Cream) ♥ 3 Flag Banner Trims (Cream, Green, Multi Print) ♥ And my favorite, a clustered star banner with pearl scatters and stars in "Vintage Guy" prints.

All PNG files are 300dpi. There are no drop shadows outside the boundaries of the image (This includes the clustered star banner, which I can tell you is a time consuming thing to do)

Paper Pack:

The Vintage Guy paper pack includes 12 textured Digital Scrapbook Papers (12x12 inches 300dpi). The color pallet is a warm orange, moss green, blue, and cream. CU/PU/S4H
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