Geek Even and Old Answers to the Questions

Write a class definition (not a program, there is no main method) named Geek (saved in a file that models a person who is a geek. For our purposes, a geek is someone who delights in answering all sorts of questions, such as “if a number is even or odd?”, “what is the factorial of a number?”, among other things. A Geek has a name and also keeps track of how many questions s/he has answered. Your Geek class must have only two instance variables – the Geek’s name and number of questions asked so far


  • public Geek (String name): the Geek's name, the number of questions is assigned to zero

  • public String getName(): takes no parameters and returns the Geeks’s name as a String (don’t count this request in the total questions)

  • public int getNumberOfQuestions(): takes no parameters and returns as an int how many questions has been asked (don’t count this request in the total)

  • public boolean isEven (int num): takes an integer and returns a boolean value indicating if the num is even or not

  • public boolean isVowel(char input): takes a character and returns true if the input character is a vowel (a, e, i, o or u). The method should be case-insensitive

  • public int factorial(int num): takes an integer and computes the factorial of it. The factorial of a positive integer n (written n!) is equal to the product of the positive integers from 1 to n.

  • public String printBinary(int num1): takes an integer as parameter and returns a string containing that integer’s binary representation. For example, the call of printBianry(44) should return 101100

  • public int gcd(int num1, int num2): takes two integers and returns the greatest common divisor (GCD) of the two numbers. The GCD of two integers a and b is the largest integer that is a factor of both num1 and num2.

Save the Geek class in a file called and use the following program stored in, which has the main method to create new Geek object and to test the methods in the class Geek. A sample output is shown below
Important Notes: Your class should have exactly the method headers that are described or otherwise your class will not work with the test driver program ( that is provided. You should never change the test driver program if the test driver is provided but instead make changes to Geek class to make it work. will ask a user to enter one of the following commands. Based on the user's choice, the program needs to perform corresponding operation. This will be done by using a method you defined in the Geek class. The program will terminate when the user enters 'q'. Here is a sample output:
Command Options
a: get name
b: number of questions asked
c: is even
d: is it a vowel
e: factorial
f: print Binary
g: find GCD
?: display the menu again

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