Birthday Ninja Warrior Invitation Files

Looking to celebrate the birthday of your Ninja Warrior? This is the invitation for you! I based this off of the original Ninja Warrior, but it works just as well for the new American Ninja Warrior! The compressed file contains 4 jpeg files and 2 Microsoft Word documents. The jpeg files are the exterior of the invitation and various forms of the emblem (including a blank one!). The jpegs can be dropped into a blank Powerpoint (or Word) file, add any necessary text with text boxes, and then print from there. The Word documents contain a link to the FREE font that I used for the invitation and the emblem in a mirrored format to print on T-shirt Transfer paper to create t-shirts for the party. You can find how my invitation looked (and what I wrote on the inside) and the activities that I did at my son's party at Feel free to email me with any questions!