ITM 501 Mod 4

The purpose of this paper is to discuss if “software as a service” is (or is not) going to dominate the next several years in formation management. After my stance is made, I will present as much evidence as I can against my position.  Finally, my original stance will be reviewed and re-affirmed.  I will complete this assignment in a 5 to 7 page paper.


    Software as a service has become a hot topic for many companies providing services on the web.  I believe this is going to dominate the next several years for many reasons.  There has also been a growing list of quality open source web applications, which are as good if not better than the software as service vendors.These free software products can be downloaded and customized by companies to do what they need.  Good open source software companies are often supported by revenue form their “hosted services or Saas offering.  The reason why they are good is that the producers spend time and effort to make it worth a monthly price that the company might pay.
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