How to Set Your Blog Apart

How to Set Your Blog Apart

Blogging is a way to share ones thoughts on a certain topic or topics, to chronicle an experience or connect with others across the globe on a shared interest or passion.

There are an estimated 152 million blogs worldwide. Among them are several niche blogs with everyone jockeying to make a name for him or herself and to stand out.

It would seem that it is virtually impossible to truly add one more voice to a saturated market, but you can

This Course is For You If You:

  • Need inspiration and ideas on how to separate yourself from the pack.

  • Feel like your blog gets lost among the hundreds others out there in its niche.

  • Struggle to build an audience of repeat visitors and a community of followers.

  • Are looking to find your authentic voice in your writing but having a tough time and would like some guidance?

  • Are thinking about starting a blog but are unsure that there is room for one more blog.

  • Would like to know the tricks of how to stand out in a crowded field.

  • Need a firm reason or reasons on why you should even bother launching a blog when there are so many out here already.

This Course will Teach You

  • The solid reasons why there is still room for your voice in the blogging field.

  • Concrete tips on ways to stand out

  • Suggestions on how to grow a community of followers interested in your voice and contribution.

Your Instructor

CREATOR: Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt

Content Creation & Marketing Expert

She has represented fortune 500 and 100 companies while working as an attorney at a top international law firm earning a six-figure salary before returning to her passion of creating and curating content online as she did in the earliest days of the internet at the University of MD Office of Technology.

Lifestyle parenting blogger, columnist & digital media publisher

As a 20 year online content curator and creator veteran, she is passionate about helping the next generation of digital publishers and online business owners.

To date, Jeneba has founded over a dozen blogs including some award-winning & highly trafficked ones.

She has guest spoken, lectured and adjunct professor taught at:

  • Yale University Law School;

  • University of Maryland at College Park, College of Journalism;

  • Penn State University, College of Telecommunications; and

  • Georgetown Law Center.

She wants her students to overcome all the hurdles, breakdown barriers to information, learn all the tricks of the trade and get the insights. They don't have to re-invent the wheel and start from scratch.
Jeneba’s goal is to edify and enlighten others so they can get to their goals faster and spend less time, money and effort in the process.


Jeneba has been recognized by the leading public relations trade media distribution and online press aggregator, Cision, as one of only 25 influencers to follow on Twitter and one of 25 Rich Media influencers to follow on Twitter.

Through her award-winning and highly trafficked websites and their associated social media accounts, Jeneba has gotten content before over70 million readers, viewers, listeners and online consumers.

She’s been invited to the White House, the Capitol, product launches, fashion shows and events, and other showcases where top influencers, bloggers, thought leaders and taste makers are exclusively asked to attend.


Jeneba has made the successful pivot from a 6-figure earning attorney at a top International law firm representing fortune 500 and 100 clients to a digital media company owner and now I show other professionals how to follow a similar path.


In her 10 years of experience as a blogger, including a few years as a professional blogger, I have gained tremendous insight on content creation, curation, copy editing, social media marketing, content marketing & promotion, growth hacking, search engine optimization and digital media management.

Her goal is to edify and enlighten others so they can get to their goals faster and spend less time, money and effort in the process.

Students just want the information before going on their own. They don't want any empty promises of riches, just the basic information so they don't have to re-invent the wheel, spend hours of time researching it all and figuring it out on their own and starting from scratch!
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