Kat's Double Halo Perm Rod and Mohawk Roller Set - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Although it looks like real perm solution and neutralizer are used, they are not. Rather this is a demo windup where only water is used. With that being said, Kat enters the salon to get a double halo perm. The hair dressor, Kira Bishop, shampoos Kat's hair, combs it out, sections it, and begins wrapping her hair in white perm rods, in the double halo pattern. Water is used as the perm solution and neutralizer. After the rinse, Kat's hair is towel dried, but the perm rods stay in place. A hairnet is placed over the rods and foam ear protection is used before seating Kat under the high hooded dryer. She sits under the dryer for about 20 minutes, reading and eating a slice of pizza. Once Kat's hair seems dry, the perm rods are removed, her hair picked out a bit, and then it's combed out for the pink Wil-Hold brush rollers. Once the rollers set in Mohawk pattern are in place, the hairnet and ear protection is used again, and Kat sits under the dryer. Instead of having the rollers removed, Kat keeps the rollers in. (If you wish to see the resulting hair style from the pink rollers, see Kat's GE Bonnet video http://clips4sale.com/57233/7019499This video is approx. 2 hours and 32 minutes, screen size 640x480
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