ENG 295 Week 5 Electronic Reserve Readings

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 ENG 295 Week 5 Electronic Reserve Readings

Hello All,


In the course reserve this week is an article about the controversial picture book “And Tango Makes Three” which is about penguins. Controversy about penguins! It just goes to show people will find any reason to complain.

Tango is a true story about two male penguins at a zoo in NY who made a nest just like the male and female penguin couples did. The zookeepers took an egg from another couple (they had two eggs which I guess they usually only have one egg) and put the egg in the nest of the two male penguins. The males treated just like any other penguin couple and raised the chick.


What do you think of this story for very, very young children as it is a picture book?



The story is well illustrated and sweet.  Here is the page where they get their egg.  I am always looking beyond the words to find out what the author is keeping from us.  That is why I know they took the egg from another nest where they had an extra egg. :o)  Most are unlikely to question where the egg came from.
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