Calling Spots issue 19

What's inside:

BOSS: The Beginning and End of an Era – Scarlett
Harris returns to Calling Spots to dissect the NXT legacy that Sasha
Banks is leaving behind and what lies ahead as she plays her part in the
Divas’ Revolution.
Tales from the Writers’ Room – We sit down with some
ex-WWE writers to learn of the many challenges faced working directly
for a billionaire and commuting by private jet to Titan Towers.
Villains – Baddies might have gone a bit soft over
in the US, but here in the UK, many are still absolutely evil. Martin
Smith profiles some of our shores’ most nefarious bad guys.
WCW Monday Nitro: The Early Years – Stewart Brookes
of the New Generation Project Podcast takes an analytical look back,
some 20 years on, to the formative years to what remains to have been
WWE’s only ever real competition.
Blue Pants – Portrait of a Wrestler’s James
Musselwhite sits down with Leva Bates for a heart-warming interview and
captivating photo shoot.
Calling Spots issue 19
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