DJ Conversion Utility for MacOS

Current release v2.517 as of April 5th 2018 

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QuickStart going from Traktor to Rekordbox

QuickStart going from Serato DJ Pro to Rekordbox

Full Demonstration (needs to be updated to 2.5)

The manual is at

from Traktor Pro 
to Rekordbox
Just a year after it's initial release DJCU has become the number 1 utility to migrate your collection from Traktor Pro to Rekordbox DJ! Over 7 thousand users can't be wrong...

The DJ Conversion Utility converts hot cues, saved loops and beat grids from Native Instruments Traktor Pro to Pioneer's Rekordbox. Cues are stored both as hotcues as well as memory cues and keep their given names. 

The converted folders and playlists in Rekordbox will appear identical to how they are in Traktor, with the nesting structure in tact. 

from Rekordbox, Traktor Pro and Serato DJ Pro  
to djay
The DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU) will convert cue points and the first downbeat of a beatgrid set in Pioneer's Rekordbox or Native Instrument's Traktor Pro to Algoriddim's djay. Serato DJ Pro users first need to use DJCU to create a Rekordbox.xml and take that file as source for DJCU's Rekordbox conversion. DJCU will generate a file that can be used with all versions of the djay app (both pro and djay 2 but NOT djay Pro 2) on both platforms iOS and MacOS. 

If djay Pro for MacOS is installed, DJCU can install the converted file in the proper location. Or you can use the included merge utility to merge the newly created list with your existing cues.

from Serato DJ Pro
to Rekordbox, iTunes and djay
DJCU is the most elegant and easiest way to convert your Serato DJ crates to Rekordbox. There are 3 different variations for assigning cues and loops to Rekordbox's hot and memory banks. 

The converted folders and playlists in Rekordbox will appear identical to how the crates look in Serato, with their nesting structure in tact. 

iTunes integration for Traktor Pro, Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro
This option is extremely powerful. It gives you the possibility to recreate in iTunes the folder/playlist(s) you have in either TKP, RBDJ or the crates in Serato DJ Pro . You can even sync your iOS devices with these playlists. 

Denon Prime users:
The Denon Conversion Utility and it's companion apps can use the Rekordbox.xml DJCU creates as input. 
DeCU with it's bundled iR Collection Backup Tool and the DJCU enable an effortless integration of Serato DJ Pro or Traktor as your track preparation software of choice with the Denon DJ #SC5000 player without the need to use #EnginePrime at all (ok only for automatized analyzation of the tracks).

Known limitations
DJCU only works on UTF8 character sets. Extended characters sets in UTF16 are not supported.
For Serato to Rekordbox conversion the cues and loops on .wav files are not converted.

Convert from Windows
I've written a whitepaper how Windows users can take advantage of my apps. I recommend you read the whitepaper, follow the intructions and convince yourself everything works before you buy my apps. I only support the MacOS side. The process of going back and forth between MacOS and Windows is strictly experimental.

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  • MacOS only (no refund to Windows users who accidently buy this app!)

  • fully compatible with MacOS from version 10.9 upto to MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

  • fully compatible with Rekordbox 5.2.2

  • fully compatible with Serato DJ Pro

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