Tiik Sounds NCS Style FLP

Tiik Sounds are back again for there weekly templates today releasing there long awaited "NCS Style" they had a blast making it and they can only hope they you will enjoy it as much as them.

Info Of Folder
Size Of ZIP: 40.4 MB
Version Of Fl Studio - 12.5.1 Or Higher

VST'S you'll need:
- Korg M1
- Sylenth 1
- Spire v1.1.4
- ValhallaRoom
- Kickstart
- dblue Crusher
- The Glue
- Fabfilter Pro-Q2
- Izoptope Ozone 5 Reverb (Not Needed)
- Dimension Expander (Not Needed)
- Endless Smile

Info About The Project:
The project is set to the BPM of "128"

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q : Are Tiik Sounds soundbanks and sample packs royalty free?
A : YES! All Tiik Sounds soundbanks and sample packs are 100% royalty free
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