Modify the Acker function  Solution.ZIP

Modify the Acker function Solution

Modify the Acker function so that it utilizes memoization. See if you can get your modified function to calculate the following values:

Acker(3,20) = 8388605

Acker(4,0)  = 13

Acker(4,1)  = 65533

You almost certainly will need to change the default Stack Reserve Size to about 1 billion. This Project Properties option is found under Configuration Properties | Linker | System.

Zip the following upon completion:

.cpp and .h files that define your program;

An .exe file that executes properly;

Any .txt file(s) needed for input;

Any .txt file(s) created by your program during execution;

Several screen shots showing the runtime output of your program;

No .sdf files; no ipch folder, Debug folder, Release folder – remove these.
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