CS:GO SkinChanger Undetected (Glove changer)

http://safechanger.tkLifetime for 15$Status: Undetected

Features:- Glove changer

- "Weapon:" and "Knife:" - Select what weapon/knife's skin you will change.

-"Skin" - The custom skin/paint kit you want.
"Name:" - The custom name you want. ( Works like a Name Tag )

-"StatTrak" - Enables/Disables the kill counter. ( You can set how many kills to display under this checkbox )

-"Seed:" - The seed used to generate the skin. ( Play around with this for skins like Case Hardened )

-"Wear:" - The weapon's exterior quality.
-------"As float" - Be more precise with the weapon's exterior quality. ( 0.f being the best and 1.f being the worst )

-"Slot:" - The sticker slot you want to edit.

-"Name:" - The sticker name you want.

-"Wear:" - The sticker's scratchiness.
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