Kat's Vintage GE Bonnet Hair Dryer Time - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Kat starts out brushing her hair forward, removing any loose hairs and getting her hair free of tangles. When she stands up from the barber chair, she notices that her white PVC skirt is too big. With a hair scissors and white electrical tape, Kat's skirt fits her well. Putting on a blue styling cape and a black PVC comb-out cape, Kat forward shampoos her hair. We see Kat is wearing a curious outfit -- a vintage dancer's suit, colorful leggings, and nothing on her bare feet. After sitting back down in the chair again, Kat wraps two towels around her shoulders, dons on black latex gloves (gloves are a great way to protect one's skin from chemicals burns, irritations and stains), and pours out the Party Time Pink coloring into a plastic bowl (metal bowls should *never* be used as the chemical reaction may give your hair a green tint!). Kat uses a brush to apply the pink coloring to her hair. Because this coloring is semi-permanent, the only way to make the color last longer is to go under a dryer for 15-20+ minutes (heat to many hair dyes can induce red tones) and use a clear coat (which I've found is really a clear gel). After the pink coloring has been applied, Kat puts on protective ear covers and sits under a vintage Bonat chair hair dryer. For best results, a plastic cap should be worn; Kat did not wear one in this video. The plastic cap helps keep hair moist and protects the hair from drying. While under the dryer, Kat lotions her bare feet. Soon Kat is ready to rise her hair. Toweling it off afterwards, Kat isn't too pleased that the pink didn't cover her roots (bleaching the hair first would have taken care of that). She brushes her hair and puts on her makeup. She removes the capes and poses for the camera. Although the pink color didn't cover her roots, the pink looks great on her. Duration approx 40 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480, format .wmv
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