087 : Miss Black Mamba cranks for the very first time

Miss Mamba has clearly never experienced anything like this before! And as this Fiat refuses to start for her frustration grows and grows and the look of sheer determination that she will start this car makes this clip a must watch.

Wearing very short shorts and flat sandals with a pretty top you can see that Miss Mamba has no idea what she should be doing to get this car started. Working the clutch and brake certainly won't help but soon enough she starts to tentatively work the gas. Miss Mamba gives the car some really long cranks and her body language and the way she shakes the steering wheel and throws her hair back is that of a young lady truly frustrated.

She continues the long cranking session with the foot floored on the gas and she now begins begging the car to "come on" in Italian. Her foot was genuinely beginning to hurt from flooring and pumping in toe post sandals so she ends up kicking them off and going at it barefoot. Miss Mamba turns the key in the ignition with such force and purpose as if almost demanding it start but it just splutters and teases and this young lady gets more and more agitated and vocal.
Realizing she is never going to get the car going she slips her sandals back on and and try some more before finally storming out of the car and walking off.

This is a fascinating clip of a lovely young lady who had never experienced anything like this but who as time went on got more and more into it, the frustration she displayed was as real as you will see because she really wanted to get the car to start!

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