How to Cope with Stress

                                  How to Cope with Stress

Self-hypnosis, much like meditation, has been found to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and even aid in the natural healing of physical ailments. What’s more, it feels great and is a very effective visualization method to help attain personal and professional goals.

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4) “The Truth Behind Hypnosis”, a detailed understanding of the entire process of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Some of the many topics covered include -
Hypnosis: Inside and Out
A Brief History of Hypnosis
Hypnosis: What Is It?
Common Hypnosis Myths Dispelled
How to Use Hypnosis to Your Advantage
What Exactly IS Hypnosis?
Psychodynamic Theory & Philosophy
The Science Behind Hypnosis
How it Works – and so much more....

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