BUS 230 Week 6 Discussion 1, 2 and Quiz

Course outcome in focus:
·         Discuss the roles of quality, quantity, inventory, and delivery in purchasing and supply management.
·         Recognize the alignment of purchasing and supply management with an organization’s goals and strategies.

·         Read Chapter 9: Delivery
·         Case Study: Penner Medical Products (9-1)

Supporting Topics:
Lecture Topics:
·        Logistics
·        Transportation
·        Transportation modes and carriers
·        Types of carriers
·        Providers, and service option,
·        Selection of mode and supplier
·        Delivery options for services
·        Transportation and logistics strategy
·        Organization for logistics

Lecture on logistics, transportation, transportation modes and carriers, types of carriers, providers, and service options, selection of mode and supplier, delivery options for services, transportation and logistics strategy, and organization for logistics.

·         Discussion 1: Delivery. Students will respond to the following:

o   Identify the deployment of delivery logistics of a computer software business, an automotive manufacturer, and a management consulting firm.
o   Explain the key issues when deciding how a management consulting service is delivered.
o   Describe the continuous development of skills, knowledge, and experience of a professional in supply and purchasing specifically in making decisions on quality, quantity, inventory, and delivery.

·         Discussion 2: Penner Medical Products. Students will respond to the following:

o   Articulate in one to two (1 to 2) sentences Neil’s problem from your perspective. Supply evidence from the case to support your statement.
o   Create and then prioritize a list of issues that Neil must tackle and would be nice if he could tackle.  Identify the issues using these two labels (must and nice to).
o   Recommend an ideal action Neil can take and a likely action Neil will have to take. Provide evidence to back up your recommendations.
o   Discuss whether or not Neil should consider initiating a penalty against Stinson Distribution Company in upcoming contract talks. Thoroughly explore the pros and cons.

·         Week 6 Quiz
Students are to take the Week 6 quiz that covers the materials in Chapters 7 and 8.  The quiz is located in the course shell under the Week 6 tab. This is an open book, timed quiz that can only be taken once with a time limit of two hours.  The quiz consists of twenty multiple-choice questions with each question worth 6 points of a total of 120 points for this quiz.
Online students are to complete the quiz by Monday 9:00 a.m.  On-ground students are to complete this quiz before the Week 6 class meeting.