This effect can be presented with playing cards, or special cards (like the Vernet PSImbol deck, or movies (like Directors's cut or Screen
test), « French postcards, etc.), or just with blank index cards or your own business cards (with drawings, symbols, words, numbers, etc. on the back). It is not a card trick, but rather a mystery or paradox.
It is hands-off, automatic, self-working, can be done over the phone or sight unseen, stand up, close up or stage (with jumbo cards). It is easy, practical, and allows flexible patter and presentation.
Despite its simplicity, it consistently and repeatedly fooled magicians and laymen.
Basic effect:
You show a piece of paper or an agenda opened at the current day, with your timetable for the day, or a newspaper article, and hand it to the participant.
A deck of cards is borrowed and shuffled by a participant. She thinks
of her favorite time of the day and secretly looks at the card.
She then looks at your schedule and reads it. For instance, it says you wake up at 6am, start work at 8am, have lunch at twelve, finish work at 4pm (your favorite time of day (-:)), etc.
The participant counts the cards for every time stated in advance on your schedule, and also for her secret favorite time of day. DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE COULD HAVE THOUGHT OF ANY TIME, and that you do not even knew it, the final card will ALWAYS be her card! You will fool yourself!!
Some examples of presentations are given:
- Predestination
- The lucky hour
- The mystery of time and space
- The cinema festival
- Happy hour all day long!
- Lottery
- Famous mentalists
- Ophiuchus
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