14-Day Crazy Vegan Challenge

This Challenge can be started at anytime after purchase.

Designed for beginner and curious Vegans this challenge is perfect for those who are ready to experience how fun, healthy and rewarding the Vegan way of cooking and eating can be.

Veganism continues to move more and more into the mainstream — it's even taken Hollywood by storm. The FAMOUS14-Day Crazy Vegan Challenge is designed to introduce you to a plant-based lifestyle. More people are embracing the Vegan way of eating now more than ever for many beneficial reasons. This is a fun challenge that you can start when you like and customize your vegan meal schedule according to your own lifestyle.

  • Personal Login that can be accessed with any smart phone, computer or tablet.

  • 14-Day Meal Plan

  • Tasty Easy Vegan Recipes 

  • Grocery List

  • Daily Journal

  • Workout Guide 

  • Meditation Guide 

  • Group Forum Access 

  • 24 Hour Customer Support 

When I became Vegan I experienced the following:

  • Weight-Loss

  • More Energy

  • Balanced Body

  • Confidence 

  • Clearer Skin

  • Mental Clarity

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