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Specific culture

Each student is to choose a children’s book that explores a specific culture. This assignment requires you to study the children’s book, as well as research the culture that the book explores.
You will present the book to the class by reading it aloud to your classmates and then highlighting the points below:

A description of the book (including the genre, the culture it demonstrates, the age group that the book is appropriate for, and describe its essential features, e.g. illustrations) and summary of its plot. Be sure to state the book title and author. 
You will research the culture that the book explores. Based on your research, you will critique the book’s strengths and limitations in representing that culture. In essence, you will be answer the following: In what ways does the book justly represent the culture researched? In what ways is the book limiting in representing the culture researched?
Based on the critique, indicate whether or not you recommend the book for  young children. Make sure you support your stance with concrete examples.
Your presentation should take no longer than a total of 20 minutes here is the rubric

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