Elyse's Headshave

Hair2U's first headshave video!

Elyse started off with a short grown out pixie style and is willing to shave it all off! We first started by hacking off random pieces of hair, first by herself, and then by the stylist. Next, we mow away the sides and back with the clippers without attachments, to give her a short mohawk. Then, we buzz away the crown completely but left the bangs intact for a chelsea hairstyle. The bangs were soon hacked away with scissors and then buzzed off with clippers. Elyse is now completely bald, but it was not over yet. We lathered her head with shaving cream, and then used a razor to shave her smooth to the skin! Elyse is an amazing bald beauty at the end!

Video length: 31 min
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