IT 236 Week 4 Toolwire ® Lab: Site Structure

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IT 236 Week 4 Toolwire ® Lab: Site

Resources: Toolwire®

Use the Toolwire® Lab:
Create a Site with Navigation as a learning tool. Do not submit this week’s
Toolwire® Lab to your instructor.

Complete the following:

  • Use Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS5
    software on the Toolwire® desktop.

  • Create a new
    site structure.

  • Save the
    site in a folder called IT236-Name, where Name is
    the first initial of your first name and your last name. Make sure your
    folder name does not include spaces.

  • Add a folder
    called “Images” to the IT236-Name folder.

  • Add two new
    HTML pages to your IT236-Name folder.

  • Name the
    homepage index.html.

  • Name the
    secondary page a short meaningful name that describes the future page
    content. For example, products.htmlaboutUs.html;
    and so forth.

  • Create the
    navigation menu that includes navigation from each page to both pages. For
    example, a menu that includes home and products will be added to both

Ensure thatthe folders and new pages are saved in the IT236-Name folder,
and compress (zip) the folder (Maximum file size is 10 MB).

Click the
Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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