CJA 354 Week 4 Anti Drug Legislation Analysis

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CJA 354 Week 4 Anti Drug Legislation Analysis

· Prepare a minimum
1,300- word analysis in which you BRIEFLY assess federal and state anti-drug
laws, focusing on ONE drug OTHER than marijuana (ie, cocaine/prescription
drugs/meth). Then compare and contrast the similarities and differences among
at least TWO states, AND federal law, in your own
words. Focus on
penalties/details of all 3 laws. Finally, what conclusions can be
drawn?  . 


· (Do not discuss history of laws; only
discuss current laws on books. Do not use legalized marijuana as your law of
choice as this is not an anti-drug law.) 
The bulk of your paper should consist of this analysis.


· Then, briefly examine the proposition of legalization of
marijuana and the potential impact this legislation change could have at the
different levels of the current war

· on drugs, both federal and state.


· Finally, how would this legalization affect asset
forfeiture, and if so, is it worth it?


Format your
brief according to APA standards, including level headings throughout the


Limit your outside sources to four total. 

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