Bendir Drum Kit For NI Maschine V2

Bendir Drum Kit : 

The Content of Pack :

* You Have 4 Group of Bendir Kit Drum
* Format  of Bendir Kit mgrp
* Format  of Pack Wav Sample 
* Sample  rate: Wav format 24 bit 44.1
* Bendir Work In NI Maschine V2 

Note About Instrument :

* Samples Pack  recorded from a real Moroccan Bendir Drum Percussion
* The Instrument of Bendir is an African frame drum used in Morocco
* Perfect for Arabic music style like [ Trap. House. Dubstep ... Other Type ]
* In Morocco This Instrument Use in Folk Music Like [ Ch3abi. Nass El Ghiwan ..Reggada...and Other Type of Music ]

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