Diane Spencer: Seamless (2017)

Hi! I'm Diane. This is my seventh stand-up show where I do jokes on being a step-parent, nature documentaries, Katie Price, Russian dieting advice and the wrong way to bury a guinea pig.

Links if you want to explore more of my comedy:
Website: http://www.dianespencer.tv/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dianespencer...
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dianespencerfun/

I am a stand-up comedian, I've performed multiple times at festivals across the world, won an award and been nominated for others.  I create a full standup show about once a year.

If you buy this album, your £5 will go towards something that helps me continue to write comedy such as pens, writing books, posters or even just coffee! And it's really appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

"Diane Spencer: Seamless"
Filmed at Castle Comedy Club, The Ents Shed, Bedford.
Filmed by Epictech media.
All material copyright Diane Spencer 2017.
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