QNT351 Week 5 Paper Draft

Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS) has gone through several highs and lows during the past few months.  These changes have shaken the daily operations and morale of the BIMS employees.  The company has three divisions, Food Service, Hospitality, and the Physical Plant Maintenance Division.  Management determined surveying the employees allowed them to delve into the cause of these adverse changes within the company. 

Barbara Tucker, the general manager of BIMS operations of the Douglas Medical Center, has noted the turnover rate has grown from its yearly average of approximately 60% to 64%.  There has been a further increase in staff complaints.  With the best interest of the company in mind, Barbara's task to discern why there is a decrease in the level of employee morale and why it is affecting the BIMS operations.  Barbara has decided to meet with the three division managers and the human resources manager, Debbie Horner, in order to find a possible solution for these issues before morale worsens.  Debbie crafted an employee survey that was administered to all 449 employees, excluding top management. 
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