Astral Projection MP3

Astral Projection 4 Minute Audio Video Subliminal MP3 Astral Projection (or astral travel) Is An Interpretation Of Out-Of-Body Experience (OBE) That Assumes The Existence Of An "Astral Body" Separate From The Physical Body And Capable Of Traveling Outside It. Astral Projection Or Travel Denotes The Astral Body Leaving The Physical Body To Travel In An Astral Plane. The Idea Of Astral Travel Is Rooted In Common Worldwide Religious Accounts Of The Afterlife In Which The Consciousness' Or Soul's Journey Or "Ascent" Is Described In Such Terms As "An... Out-Of Body Experience, Wherein The Spiritual Traveler Leaves The Physical Body And Travels In His/Her Subtle Body (Or Dream Body Or Astral Body) Into ‘Higher’ Realms." It Is Frequently Reported In Association With Dreams, And Forms Of Meditation. It's Always A Good Idea To Vibrate At A High Frequency And Surround Yourself With A White Or Golden Light Before Attempting Astral Travel. This Video Also Assists In The Art Of Remote Viewing. Have No Fear, As There Are Many Misconceptions About Having An Out Of The Body Experience. This Is A Four Minute Video Please Find Yourself A Comfortable Chair Or Simply Lie Down On Your Bed And Just Listen Where You Will Not Be Disturbed If This Is Not Possible Put On Headphones And Relax. Meta Programming Commands- I Now Consciously Travel The Astral Plane I Can Leave My Body At Will My Awareness Is Completely Expanded Astral Projection Comes Naturally To Me I Remote View Information Accurately My Mind Is Clear And Focused I Am Receptive To Information I Remember All Details Astral Projection Is Fun I Enjoy Astral Projection Now As My Body Sleeps I Will Remain Completely Aware Of My Astral Body's Experience I Have Complete Confidence I Am Safe And Protected At All Times I Travel Freely Through The Inner Planes I Activate My Energy Body I Remember My Journeys I Become Aware That I Am Out Of Body Clarity Focused And In Control I Easily Transfer My Awareness To My Light Body I Am A Multi Dimensional Being I Am Renewed And Energized When Out Of Body As My Body Sleeps My Mind Is Awake
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