Leah's Roller Set and Backcombing - VOD Digital Video on Demand

During Leah's visit to a retro beauty salon, Carmen's Creative Styling in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, she received a roller set and backcombing after her foam perm. Leah is caped with a black cape before the stylist does up her hair in light and dark, pink and green curlers. Foam ear covers are put on Leah's ears for protection as the stylist covers Leah's head with a triangle cotton net. She sits under the chair dryer for the hair to dry. We can see Leah's curlers peaking out from the visor. Now these curlers give Leah's hair a lovely curl and body, which the stylist combs out. Once that look is completed, the stylist begins to backcomb/tease Leah's hair into a large fluffy mountain, before smoothing it down with a brush for Leah's final style. Leah looks stunning in her large "Texas" hair. duration: 48 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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