Realtime Database Firebase Plugin for UE4

Realtime Database is a plugin for UE4 that lets you integrate Realtime Database functionality of the Firebase system for all platforms.

Firebase is a platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality experiences and grow your user base. You can focus on making your game and not waste time building complex infrastructure. Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database. Data is stored as JSON, synced across connected devices in milliseconds, and available when your game goes offline.

Required Unreal Engine 4.16 or above.

Current plugin version: 1.2.0
User Guide:

You can download example project at the following address:

★ Firebase Realtime Database implementation.
★ Cloud-hosted NoSQL database with data stored as JSON.
★ No additional servers needed.
★ Realtime sync across connected devices in milliseconds. All clients share one Realtime Database instance and automatically receive updates with the newest data.
★ Responsive regardless of network latency or Internet connectivity so your game works offline. Data synchronizes when connectivity returns (mobile only).
★ Handling of the complexity of realtime synchronization and provision of flexible conflict resolution.
★ Backend development without servers using Firebase Cloud Functions.
★ Support for transactions for operations that could be corrupted by concurrent modifications.
★ Strong user-based security with Firebase Authentication module.
★ All features are exposed to Blueprints.
★ Support for gameDNA installer. No more downloading SDKs and creating packages on your own!
★ Out-of-the-box for all platforms.
★ Works with Blueprint-only & source code projects.
★ Works with Launcher & GitHub UE4 versions.
★ Big example project and professional documentation included.
★ Compatible with Ultimate Mobile Kit.

★ Full source code available on GitHub private repo!
★ Compatible with all platforms
★ Easy plugin setup
★ All future updates
★ Support via e-mail


More about Firebase you can find on the official website:
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