Linde Container Handler Type 318: C90 Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Container Handler Type 318.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

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Format: PDF, 314 Pages
Language: English


0. Product information
   LTC basic structure
   CAN bus communication — Overview and installation position
   Indicator unit — error codes
   LTC traction control codes, version 1.X
   LTC lift control codes, Version 0.040, LTC module N1
   LTC lift control codes, Version 0.040, LTC module N2
   Cummins diesel engine fault codes
   Cummins fault code list
   Filling capacities
   Filling capacity/rated values
1. Diesel engine
   Diesel engine QSB 6.7
   Engine identification
   Technical data
   Engine view
   Engine identification - data plate
   Cylinder head
   Rocker cover- remove 
   Rocker levers and pushrods
   Cylinder block
   V grooved belt- remove
   V grooved belt- install
   Fuel system
   Sectional view
   Fuel injectors- remove - inspection - install
   Fuel injectors- remove - install
   Fuel rail- remove- install
   Fuel supply
   Pump fuel high-pressure
   Electronic fuel control actuator- remove - install
   Lubricating system
   Sectional views
   Pump -oil -remove -inspect -(install)
   Oil sump/pan seal 
   Crankshaft oil seal -front -install
   Crankshaft oil seal -front -remove
   Cooling system
   Sectional view
   Pump -engine coolant -remove
   Air intake system
   Sectional view
   Exhaust system
   Sectional view
   Exhaust manifold -remove -Inspection -install
   Turbocharger exhaust- remove- install
   Electrical system
   Alternator- test
   Alternator- remove - (install)
2. Drive axle
   Technical data for traction drive
   Schematic view of the drive
   Linde Truck Control (LTC)
   Traction drive
   Variable displacement pump controller
   Motorvariables controller
   Pedal group
   HPV 210-02 variable displacement pump
   Electro-hydraulic remote control
   Variable pump advance start
   Variable motor HMV 280-02
   Output unit function characteristics
   Reduction gearbox GR 26-01
   Braking process - function characteristics
   Retarder valve block components
   Retardervalve block function
   Brake release valve
   Towing unit
   Checking the brake system
   Traction hydraulic test point
   Hydraulic fan drive
   Function characteristics
   Checking the hydraulic fan drive
3. Chassis
   Chassis assembly
   Chassis assembly
   Cabin assembly
4. Undercarriage
   Wheel and tyre safety
   Wheel removal — drive axle
   Wheel removal — steer axle
   Wheel assembly inspection
   Wheel refitting — drive axle
   Wheel refitting — steer axle
   Steering system
   Function characteristics
   Steering axle
   Stub axle
   Wheel hub
   Adjusting the inner steering stop
   Adjusting the outer steering stop
   Removing and installing the steering cylinder
   Sealing the steering cylinder
   Steering system hydraulic test points
5 Controls
   Display elements
   Indicator unit
   Pedal group
   Pedal group
6. Electrics / Electronics
   Central electrical system
   Arrangement of relays and fuses for basic equipment and special equipment
   Testing the electronic controllers and components
   Testing the LTC (vehicle and lift controller)
   Checking wiring harness
   Testing sensors
   Checking actuators
   Testing the indicator unit
   Brake and accelerometer potentiometers
   Brake and throttle potentiometer replacement
   Setting up a brake and throttle potentiometer
7. Hydraulics
   Regulating pump HPR 210-02
   HPR 210-02 regulating pump
   Load sensing regulation
   Working hydraulic
   Hose layout
   Hose layout, supply, valve block, working hydraulics
   Hose layout — lifting/lowering
   Tilting hose layout
   Measurements and settings
   Checking the maximum working pressure and LS pressure
   Checking and adjusting delta pressure P to LS
   Hydraulic test points
   Working hydraulic system test points
8. Mast
   Mast general
   Mast assemblies
   Check and adjust mast chains, lubricate with chain spray
   Chain elongation
   Elme spreader
   Indicator lights
   Operating the spreader
   Checkthe carriage and spreader wear pads
   Lubricate the spreader
   Check and lubricate twistlocks (at least every month or 150 service hours)
   Mast lubrication
   Mast wear pad limits
   Lubricatethe mast and tilt cylinder pivots
9. Special equipment
   Special equipment and accessories
   Standard and optional equipment
   Double container handler
   Double handling override
   Double container handling -operation*
   Fitting the kit
10. Schematic diagrams
   Electrical schematic diagrams
   Truck electrical schematics
   Electrical schematic, sheet 1- Battery ignition circuit and engine management system
   Electrical schematic, sheet 2 -Linde hydraulic controller master
   Electrical schematic, sheet 3 - Linde hydraulic controller slave and main screen ...
   Electrical schematic, sheet 4- Dipped beam, sidelight, direction indicator, hazard warning light and reverse light
   Electrical schematic, sheet 5 - Work lights, horn, interior light, cigarette lighter and radio
   Electrical schematic, sheet 6 -Windscreen wiper motors
   Electrical schematic, sheet 7 -Seat heater, flashing beacon, brake light, programmable roof light/ beacon and mast speed imit
   Electrical schematic, sheet 8 -Cabin tilting mechanism, door release, spare fuses 
   Electrical schematic, sheet 9 -Air conditioning
   Electrical schematic, sheet 10- Spreader twistlocks, extend/retract, sideshift, work lights, safety override
   Cummins electrical schematics
   Cummins electrical schematic sheet 1
   Cummins electrical schematic sheet 2
   Cummins electrical specifications
   Elme electrical schematics
   Elme electrical schematic
   Whole truck hydraulic schematics
   Truck hydraulic schematics
   318 hydraulic schematic diagram
   Working hydraulic schematic diagram
   Elme spreader hydraulic schematic
   Elme hydraulic schematic
   Double container handling schematic diagrams
   Double container handler electrical schematics
   Double container handling truck electrical schematic
   Double container handler hydraulic schematics
   Double container handling truck hydraulic schematic
   Technical datasheet
   Technical datasheet
   Technical Data
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