VIDEO - The ponytail


Her ponytail is almost bigger than her, and it can cover her completely, that´s how massive it is! This is of course the ponytail of Alena. Super thick, super heavy, and very, very long.
Her floor length hair is made for hair shows and hair play, and it is perfect in every way.
A ponytail is the favorite hairstyle of many long hair models as well as long hair lovers, so if you´re one of them, this video is for you!
This video also includes loose long hair play and a bun + bundrop, but it is mainly for showing how a floor length ponytail looks like when it´s being played with in the best possible way.

Now, as big as hair play and the very long hair trend is starting to get, there are many new people to long hair play and some that have a lot of experience. Alena is clearly one of the people who has a lot of experience, and that is not hard to see.
Her hair play skills are amazing, so every second of every video of her is priceless!

In this video, you will of course see her hair in full length, and she is playing with it, displaying its thickness and length for you, showing how many amazing things you can do with such a long ponytail and how super long her hair is!

This video includes long hair play and display, bun and bundrop, hair brushing handheld ponytails, ponytails, running her fingers through her hair, hair "dancing", hair swinging and swaying, hair smelling, long hair posing and much more!

This video is over 13 minutes in length!

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