Grades project HW 4 Solved

For this assignment you will turn in:


In class (10pts):


1.       A statement of the problem (typed)


2.       An explanation of your solution (typed)


3.       A flowchart (hand-drawn or computer generated)


4.       Pseudocode (typed)


*  Note: if you are in CIS120, you may use the same material for this homework assignment. Via BlackBoard(40pts):


1.       C program named grades.c




Follow the steps that we have outlined in class for algorithm development to generate a program that calculates your grade. Look at the syllabus to see how your grade is weighted. I am not giving you a set way to do this. I would like you to come up with your own ideas.






1.       Interactive with user. Be creative! Outputs:


1.       Percent totals for each section (e.g. Homework, Exams)


2.       Total grade


Extra Credit:


1.    At the end, give a letter grade. (5pts)




1.       This is individual work. You may NOT work in groups.


2.       Please staple all work together.


3.       You are expected to error check all input.


For code: No compile = No points, no exception
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