Jaclyn's Bob Haircut and Bare Feet - VOD Digital Video on Demand

This video has a story line. In the first part, you'll see Kat briefly setting up the camera and sitting down in the salon chair. While she's waiting for the actress to arrive for the haircut video, the hair dresser irons and styles Kat's hair. They talk about the actress, the upcoming haircut, and Kat's plans for her hair. Soon the actress, Jaclyn June Johnson arrives. She rushes in and has a seat in the chair were she is treated to a quick shoulder rub before heading off to the shampoo bowl. The nifty thing about this shampoo bowl is that it's raised from the floor, and the chair is also like a bed, so that the client can really relax and be pampered. After a lovely shampoo, Jaclyn sits in the salon chair. Since Jaclyn has been on her feet all morning, a board is placed on the chair so she can rest her legs. She kicks off her high heeled shoes to further rest her bare feet. Her hair is cut skillful into a "Sarah Jessica Parker bob" and then the hair is twisted and clamped. The stylist lowers the Belvidere hair dryer from the ceiling to dry Jaclyn's hair. Afterwards, her hair is styled with lots of hair spray. Oh my gosh, look at the time! Jaclyn is late for her appointment with the director. Stay tuned after the credits to see Jaclyn having fun posing in the salon chair, showing off her lovely new hairstyle. Duration: 77 minutes, screen size: 720 x 48, format: .wmv
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