Some psychic powers are innate, inborn and not terribly well understood (although a lot of fringe scientists are working on it). It may be possible to awaken psychic talents in ordinary people with fringe scientific techniques, but nobody has managed it quite yet. One of the few things scientists are sure of is that psychic powers are in some way intimately tied to the individual brain. Certainly body's switching entities have not carried their psychic powers from shape to shape.Psychic powers are quite limited. They are hard to control, they have a fairly narrow set of functions. They can, however, be very powerful in their own way, and they're certainly far more immediate than magic. Psychic powers require a lot of training to use well, and there is an awful lot that they plain and simple can't do. At their best, psychic powers are an invaluable aid to mundane methods, but they can never replace people who just plain and simple know what they're doing.
Basic Use
Most psychics can keep their power off when they don't need it. When they switch it on, however, it immediately activates at their full Fnord rating. A telekinetic with Fnord 7, for example, could either move stuff around with an effective Strength of 7, or else not at all. Furthermore, a telekinetic can only control a power used at an effective level equal to or less than their will, otherwise, it manifests randomly. If our telekinetic only had a Will of 5, they would unleash their power as a burst of random poltergeist activity.
Offensive Use
Telepaths and Telekinetic, along with anybody else who can think of a way to make it work can take the Combat Psychic quirk in order to be able to use their powers properly in a fight. A Telepath can use their powers to directly attack the mind of their opponent, causing one hell of a headache. A Telekinetic can up their usual repertoire from "throw them across the room" to all manner of subtle manipulations (including the Vader grip if you're so inclined). There's also room here for precognitive Jedi reflex tricks.
Psychic combat has traditionally not been spoken of in public.
Any time a psychic attempts to influence another person's mind, a contest ensues between the attacker and the victim.  A victim need not be psychic himself to resist an attack.  Psychic Combat refers only to mind-to-mind contact.  Attacks with the Telekinesis Psi Power are handled just like Hand to Hand Combat.
The general energy paradigm is simply the energy system most used by the world’s population. Energy Manipulation has been both the most widely used practice and most little understood, or documented area in occult life for many aeons. It is also sometimes viewed as the ‘romantic’ side of the occult, for obvious reasons. Because of this, it has often been portrayed in books, stories and films over the years. The best example of this, although a little far fetched, is that of the ‘fireball slinging magi’ often found in adventure stories and fairy tales.
This e-book gives you a comprehensive overview of secret techniques for psychic combat in the real world.

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